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The Importance of Vedic, Religious and Folk Culture of Janakpurdham

Tourism business/industry of Nepal has gained immense popularity in the international world. It has helped the country’s economic development as well as the cultural development. The country has been successful in earning foreign currency through Tourism Industry. The op-eration of industries in the country has increased employment and it has contributed greatly to the economic development of the country. The arrival of tourists spread the culture of the country, the customs of the world and the identification of the folk culture. Tourism business leads to economic prosperity in the country as well as enhancing religious historical and cul-tural identity. This is why Tourism business has gained prominence in most countries of the world. Some of the Islands of the world have been developed economically due to tourism industry. Tourism business is the back bone of development of countries and Islands such as the Maldives, Macao etc. According to a 2018 report, Switzerland ranked first in the tourism business. Other countries like Spain, France, Germany, Japan and the United States are lead-ing other countries in the tourism business.
Although our country cannot predict actual date when tourism started in Nepal, However it can be speculated that since the construction of roads along the Nepal-India border since 1950, Indian tourists have come to the Terai and some mountainous parts of Nepal in the reli-gious and historical sites of the Terai. At that time, due to the lack of airports in Nepal, tourists used to travel by road, but now there are roads, airports and railway facilities for the tourists to reach the destination like Janakpurdham.

Similarly, in 1953, with Tenzin Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary scaling the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, tourists were attracted for trekking and mountaineering in the mountainous parts of Nepal. But the modern history of Janakpurdham, which has been in the Middle East part of Nepal, the main town of Mithila area, now the temporary capital of state number 2 is a religious tourist from the 17th century. Religious tourists have been co,in8 since the city of Janak and Sita came to light again from Saint Sur Kishor Das at the end of the 17th century and there seems to have no special discussion of this JanakPurdham in the tourism business of Nepal due to lack of concrete data with the Government of Nepal. AI- though the term tourism was included in various national schemes of Nepal, the functioning of the tourism sector seems to have been active later under the leadership of the Ministry of Tourism and the Nepal Tourism Board. In this connection, Declared Nepal was announced. Seminars were also organized in different places on how to bring tourists safelytoN but political instability and various general strikes, tourism business could not prosper stability, the number of visitors has been increasing recently. Central government, state and local governments have been spreading facts through the government and non-governmental means to bring 10 million tourists to Nepal through a campaign and named VISIT NEPAL 2020. The governments has also allocated budget for the same.

Janakpurdham, the ancient capital of Mithila, has a huge role and contribution to Nep th al’s tourism business. Janakpurdham did not come into light before 17 centwies. However, at the end of the 17th century, the priest of Sitaram temple in central India Sur Kishor Das brought his Chaturbhuj Giri Janakpurdham back to light. They are called the first religious tourists oft his Janakpurdham. Saint Sur Kishor Das, who called the king Janak palace in ” the site of the Janaki temple” , said that this belief is still prevalent among devotees. From the Hindu scriptures, the spiritual, religious, intellectual, cultural characteristics’ significance of Janakpurdham, the ancient capital of Mithila, are evident. The importance of Mithila has been proven through the Ramayana •of Adikavi Balmiki, the “Ram.acharitmanas, Ramayan” written by Goswami Tulsi Das. The tourist faith has been in-creased through the mythological textbooks and public confidence has been built to stay in Janakpurdham. After the visit of Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to Janakpurd ham, the number of religious tourists has increased significantly in Janakpurdham. This evaluates, Janakpurdham, an ancientreligious town of Mithila, has a special significance present here shows that Janakpurd-in Nepal’s tourism industry. The monasteries and temples ham and its sun-oundings are religious and historical. According to an arch’ year 1933, Janakpurdham is termed as “13awan Kuti , Bahatar Kund ” . ervision, most religious lakes ha” we written in the of 52 kutti and 72 ponds/lakes. Due to lack of proper sup a meaning it is a 0 y degraded. If the publicity of the region’s folk culture can be of major attraction for tourists. The main t 1 empies and lak surroundings are described as follows. sasreomunindatjeadn,aikt may be a matter janakpurdham and its surrounding are describe as follows.

The Spiritual and Mythological facts of Janakpurdham, Nepal

The religious text books like Brihad Vishnupuran, Bayu Puran, Shatapath, Bhagavat geeta, Balmiki Ramayana have mentioned the path of Mithila as sacred Chandan (Shrikhand), as Punyabhumim, Tappu Bhumi and also as the best shrine for all.
The Janakpurdham, Nepal is the ancient capital of Mithila and the capital of Super virtue of king Janak and pilgrimage of the ancient time. In the scriptures, Mithila is said to be a fact that those who travel to Mithila share a virtue. The Janakpurdham is the pillar of Truth, soul and happiness where Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh meditated at this Punya bhumi. Brahmarshi deities have not only praised this blessed land but also the self-esteem Purusottam Lord Shri Ramachandraji mentions this as virtuous land.
Therefore, Mithila is the best of all religious places. In this context, Jagat Janani Janaki was found and became famous among the same place/people. The ancient capital of Mithila, the tappo bhoomi of the sage, the pious land of religious travelers, is located in Janakpurdham, Nepal, in the Terai state of province No.2. There are ancient monasteries, lakes and have their own costumes/culture.
Most of the shrines and cottages here were worshiped by purushottam Ram and other God Goddess. There are many ancient temples of Ram, Sita, Laxman, and Hanuman in the monas-teries. Janakpurdham has become the main city of the province no.2 of Nepal. Janakpurdham is a religious city as well as a cultural, spiritual and mythological center of ancient Mithila.

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