Raas Lila

Raas Lila

Raas is divine pleasure and Lila (as per Sanskrit) is play or sport. It is unison of Aatma with Parmatma.

According to Vaishnavas, Lila means activities of God and Devotees. According to Vishnu Puran, Bhagwan takes avatar in Mrityulok to perform various activities to bestow divine teachings on humans and other karmic creatures who took birth to non-human forms due to past deeds but are aware about their past life humanly actions.

According to Shrimad Bhagwat Puran, Maha Raas was performed by Lord Krishna for his devotees when he was just six years old kid.

Raas Leela [Rasa Lila (रासलीला)] Background
Lord Krishna performed Raas Lila. According to Shrimad Bhagwat Puran, Lila means Lord Krishna’s playful dance with his devotees (gopis). Gopis were same saints and sages who performed Tapasya* for Yugas** to become devotee of Lord Krishna in their Dwaparyuga reincarnation. These were saints and sages who met Bhagwan Ram in his exile (when he had to undergo 14 years Sanyasa*** Dharm to fulfill his father’s wishes). Lord Rama interacted with many sages in his way to Sri Lanka, He was unable to spend ample time with them. Most of them got sad. All these sages requested Lord Rama (Lord Vishnu) to being reborn as Gopis in their next birth to become devotees of Lord Krishna.


These Gopis are overwhelmed with joy when they see playful Lord Krishna, a divine kid of six years old and dance with him as today’s material world mother would rejoice to see his baby playing. Such is the purity of Raas. And this expression of love from devotee towards his God, Lord Krishna, is Raas Lila according to Shrimad Bhagwat Puran.

To simplify it more, lets take example of today’s scenario, imagine feeling of a mother, who sees her son after two decades, when he returns back from the foreign country. This pure and blissful pleasure felt by mother is actually Raas. The happiness in her mind, tears in her eyes, childish joyfulness in her behavior is nothing but -1010^12 of actual divine pleasure (Raas) which devotee gets when he/she meets Lord Krishna or feels him.

Bhakti is trillion times more anandmayi than moksha. True HariBhakts of Shree Krishn only ask for Bhakti not for moksha. They get rebirth trillions of times to enjoy Bhakti of Shree Krishn in all avatars across endless Yugas.

Remember as per Shrimad Bhagwat Puran, Raas Lila is unison of God with his devotee. It has got NOTHING TO DO WITH male-female material enjoyment – as falsely claimed by various west historians.

Rasa Lila is divine pleasure. It is somewhat similar to; the un-explainable pleasure that one gets after accomplishment of Kundalini Yog, the ultimate anand that one gets after deeply immersing in Samadhi connecting with cosmic energy and feeling blessings of supreme soul.

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Raas is as pure as eternal love of Param Bhakt Meera Bai towards Lord Krishna, Krishna was her Aatma Pati. Here Pati means protector, giver and caretaker. This soul emerged from Shri Krishna only to merge into him. It is similar to using terms like Adhipati, Rashtrapati – A foolish translation into simple english would convey that Rashtrapati (President) is husband of all but it is not so because Pati means caretaker and not the one conveyed by rubbish translations of concocted western historians.

Bhagwan Krishna is supreme follower of celibacy, self-less bhakti and expects the same from his devotees after they complete their grihasth ashram (married life).

Lord Krishna only embraces pure and celibate things. This fact you might not know, Krishna decorates his mukut with Mor Pankh (peacock feather) because peacock is the only creature in this world practising celibacy. They never indulge in physical relationship to give birth. Peahen sip tears from the eyes of dancing peacock and then gives birth to their pea-chickens. The special breed of such peacocks and peahens are very rare in Kaliyug but can be found after expedition.

Bhagwan Krishna therefore wears Mor Pankh in his Mukut. Soul is pure and that’s why merging soul to Bhagwan Krishna is easy path to attain Moksha.

Peahen Sips Tear Drops To Give Birth
Next time, let us not sing or dance to the tunes of songs depicting Raas Lila as lustful romance. Instead, we should register our anger and get united to protest. Such mockers should be lawfully punished.

Translations by britishers and mughal courtiers of major Vedic texts and Puranas painted wrong images of Hindu gods especially Bhagwan Krishna, depicting him as playboy.

The lie-mongers went to such an extreme step that few english writers conveyed Raas=Lustful romance or copulation, no guess to know that the level of intelligence they applied was what they got in their linear and tainted legacy.

One should know that Vedic texts are actual heritage of Mankind, before maligning it, the world population should be thankful to the Hindus that they are protecting this world heritage by following only Dharma, Hinduism.

Without reading our dharmic texts, we blindly follow stories written by these so called intellectual (?) crooks. We, Hindus are so used to enslavement that we don’t research our history and follow colonized path calling our ancient history as mythological tale. While the insightful thought is Hindus have legacy of Vedic teachings that occurred historically and are factually right, even proven by cosmic mathematics of today. Sample this, while westerners are still at figure of 50 odd on the number of comets, Vedic texts have mentioned over 4000 comets, 7 trillion stars, millions of dimensional habitative worlds along with their cycles of creation and destruction. It has dates of occurrence and cosmic details well before westerners even knew or created the term ‘comet’ for puchaltaras. It also shows with specific information that at the end of the world the Sun will decimate into 7 parts and burn the world to ashes.

And one should know that 7 is pious number for Hindus in every ritual, they stick to these numbers as taught in the Vedic scripts; 7 days week (summed up to announce pornima/amaswasya), 7 Parikrama (in temple), 7 Pradikshina (to guru or pious soul), 7 fist of rice as dakshina, 7 circles in marriage. Saptamtha-chetana or 7 states of consciousness. The 7 rivers, The sapt 7 rishi’s. 7 bhukhand (continents). The list is endless. And why they do this; there is one strong reason to this (which now western scientists call parallel worlds).

The number seven is a symbolic representation of the earthly plane. Hindu scriptures declare that our earth is but one in a series of several planes of existence, some belonging to the higher regions and some to the lower. In all there are said to be 14 planes or worlds of which six are above the earth and seven below the earth. Above the 14th is the highest and the unknown or the zero plane. If we include it there are 15 planes in all.

Our planet is considered to be in the middle with seven above (including the zero plane) and seven below.

Parallel World/Universe Mentioned Already In Hindu Texts 10,000 years ago
Right from number system, the world owes origination of Quantum physics, string theory and god particle to Hindu science which already provided information about the same in several stanzas of their four Vedas, 18 Puranas and different Upanishads.

In totality there were more than 720,000 shlokas out of which 70% is already lost. Spread of Bhagwad Gita teachings and all known texts and Puranas is need of the hour so that Humanity comprehend its true legacy in years to come.

Today several scientists believe that the world is 3 dimensional hologram, an illusion pushed on us by creators or God, this theory is rip-off from the analogy of Maya mentioned several times in Shrimad Bhagwat Puran and Bhagavad Gita.

Be A Proud Hindu and think yourself as a lucky soul to be given birth in this great country with greatest of the traditions. Follow what our beloved Banke Bihari teaches us. Respect our Sanatan Hindu gods for they knew what we as a negligible being never even can imagine. They never taught us of inciting violence in the name of dharma or heaven but living in harmony with the natural beings of the world. However this non-violence is limited only towards deserving people not towards those who hate Vedic theories and devise plan to decimate Hinduism. Violence is ultimate dharma in such scenarios.

Raas Leela Yuddh: Krishna Accepted Challenge of Kaamdev
Kaamdev (Kamadev) was invited to Raas Lila
Here, Krishna defeated Kaamdev, this further proves that Raas Lila is divine connection between God and Devotees.

Shukadeva related to Parikshit the tale of Kamadev’s humiliation. Sridhar Swami calls Rasleela as Kama-vijay leela (defeating of Kamadeva- concept of cupid was lifted from here). Jagad guru Ballabhacharyaji describe it as Lords Divy Vihar (divine enjoyment). The purpose of describing this tale is just that common people should replicate, the selfless love of Gopis for Lord Krishna and experience the love of God themselves as well. The Raas Lila and Gopi Geet is explained in detailed manner in Shrimad Bhagwat Puran. The tale below is just excerpt of conversation between Sukadeva and Parikshit.